söndag 18 maj 2014

Wet on wet

On Day 8 we where taught more about Faux Hand Painting and Tasnim Ahmed taught us a fun technique that I tried on this card. It is a bit scary technique  that means you have to let the water decide where the color goes because it is a wet on wet technique. I stamped my image first with a light color of distress ink and then I continued to use distress ink to paint the flowers from Moma. I couldn't really leave it so I probably meddled with it too much, but it got a whole different look then my last card. I like how the buds turned out and maybe because I didn't fiddle so much with them.

2 kommentarer:

WickedPixie sa...

This is SO lovely!!

Malin/malwa sa...

Dina kort är så fina, Cissi. Jag gillar speciellt de som är, precis som detta, "akvarelliga".