måndag 11 februari 2013

All the jobs I had

This week Listmania wants us to list all the jobs we had.

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My first job was babysitting. Then I had my first summerjob when I was 15 as a cleaner, I cleaned offices from earlybird until lunch. For the money that I earned I bought a big stereo and tickets to a New Kids On The Block concert.

Then I babysat some more and when I was an exchange student in U.S.A when I was 18 I babysat there too ( the only job you can have as an exchange student).

Before I started Uni I was a nanny for three weeks in Cincinnati, but I hated it so I went home. Then I worked in a school and the after school club and also at different kindergardens.

At Univeristy I just worked without a pay for the student union as a waitress, or in the bar etc. But the last two years of Uni I moved to another University and then I got a part time job as a library assistent and worked about 10 hours a week. I don't know how I managed that:) It was really fun and since I was going to be a librarian it was vey wortwhile.

Then I moved to England to be with my English boyfreind ( now husband) and there I got a job as a office worker for the council. It was only supposed to last a couple of weeks but I stayed there until I moved back to Sweden which was a couple of months.

After looking for a job as a librarian for a  year I got one as a temp in the summer in the north of  Stockholm ( Vallentuna). Luckily I could stay with friends during thoose weeks. But then I also got a job in the south of Stockholm( Tumba/Vårsta) and moved to a small apartement in a town called Eskilstuna. It took me 1,5 hour to 2 hours one way to go to work. I really tried to get an apartement closer but I couldn't afford to buy one and there where none to rent either. So after a year I couldn't stand it anymore and moved back home to my parents.

Back home I worked in different schools and kindergardens and in one place I also cooked the food and baked the bread for 40 or so kids when the cook had her day off. After a year I finally got a job as a librarian again in Motala where I still work even though I am home sick and has been for the last year or more and will be until I get a new heart.

I forgot that I sold Tupperware during one year when I was home with my youngest daughter. So now I have loads of Tupperware things:)

That was a lot of jobs!  What jobs have you had?

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Claire T sa...

Wow you have moved around a lot too! I cannot believe the renting situation was so hard in Stockholm. Love that you have a lot of Tupperware after selling it. I love that stuff!

Deb @ inner compass designs sa...

I cannot imagine such a huge commute!
I love how you know that your early earnings paid for a stereo and a concert - one summer job literaly translated into an slr camera.
i also sold tupperware for 3 months and have a nice stash of the good stuff!

thanks for joining listmania