måndag 4 februari 2013

Crushes Then and Now

I found this blog and she wants us to list our crushes Then and Now. I read some other peoples lists and that made me remember my crushes.

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I was born 1975 and I live in Sweden but that didn't stop me from having crushes on Hollywood hunks.

Some of my first ones was:

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Jason Priestley ( from Beverly Hills 90210)

When I was at University I liked Leonardo Di Caprio through watching Titanic.

I had more crushes but can't remeber them all...

Now a days I find theese men attractive.

Ashton Kutcher, he comes from my "hometown" in Iowa and I actually went to High School with him. But he was just a tiny and small boy then.

 And finally a Swedish guy, Alexander Skarsgård and his blue eyes.

But my true love is an English man, my husband.

5 kommentarer:

Malin/malwa sa...

Jag bara säger: Johnny Depp! Then, now and forever... :)

cissi sa...

Ja Malin, det var en av mina favoriter med, men jag kunde inte ta med alla. Han är ju en suverän skådespelare också.

Titti sa...

Tycker om dem alla och bäst är karln i familjen även här. Kram Titti

Claire T sa...

Great list. I really have enjoyed seeing everyone's crushes - I think there was more agreement in the teenage years than now!

Bec sa...

Jason Priestley was on my list too! And wow, Alexander Skarsgård is goregous!