söndag 21 juli 2013

Summer Card Camp 2, Week 2 and Day 5

Today I have been messing around with different techniques and then finally I made this card. Week 2 and Day 5 of Summer Card Camp 2 we got new colors we could use and I used the first row that was turquoise, green, pale red, orange and white.
 I did a similiar card that Kelly Rasmussen did that she called sentiment piecing or subway art. For this card you have to have a clear idea before you start how you want it to turn out and that you can do by choosing and stamping your sentiments before on a piece of  paper and then cut them out and arrange them on a paper  the same size as your card until you are happy.
I mixed Thank you with the some Swedish "Tack" ( means thank you) and a "Kram från mig" ( hugs from me).

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Annelie sa...

Wow, det här var verkligen supersnyggt Cissi!!